896 SF plus a 560 SF carport
1 bedroom, a craft room and 2 bathrooms

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Structure shade with green roof

Log Home Rebuild: Damascus OR

This log home rebuild is an ideal one-story design built with 7×10 jumbo D cedar logs for a single individual’s retirement home in Damascus OR. Inside, there is a beautifully sized master bedroom and a larger room that can be used for any purpose. The current owner plans to use the larger room for crafting and hosting bible study gatherings. A spacious deck located on the exterior east end is perfect for family gatherings on warm summer evenings. Stay warm and dry on rainy days, enjoying the view from the front porch. 

Convenient access to the log home is provided by a ramp leading from a two-car covered carport. One of the major challenges in this Damascus log home rebuild in Oregon was working with the clay soil. This made the septic leach field incredibly expensive. Numerous loads of gravel were required so the equipment would not get stuck in the mud during the construction process. The skilled team at Sierra Log & Timber provided creative and innovative solutions to make this log home rebuild a successful dream home. 

Customized Log Home Rebuild Design

Are you looking to build a new log home or rebuild an existing one in Damascus, Oregon? For over 25 years, Sierra Log & Timber has helped people all over the United States build beautifully crafted log homes with hand-hewn 7X10 cedar logs. You can choose a log home rebuild or new home design customized for you or select from pre-designed plans. Retire in luxurious style at affordable prices by scheduling a design consultation today!  

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