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With a stunning red cedar shade structure, add usable outdoor space that protects you from the elements while you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Match the aesthetic on your property with an equally beautiful, yet functional shade structure customized for your needs.

Whether you’re looking to protect people, animals, or commodities from sun, wind, rain, or snow, partner with us to plan and design your build!

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Log home shades and structures


Together, we design a shade structure that is right for you. Choose from a variation of standard designs or we will customize something for you.


Our plans are site engineered and created to match the building site on your property.


We are the most economical source of red cedar, which is more durable, longer lasting, and used for our posts, frames, and sidings.


Our team is personable and knowledgeable. We produce and sell directly to you, the customer, with no need for a builder or supply store.


All of our material is structurally graded; we are the only producer offering timber and log (round) products.


Every aspect of your shade structure can be tailored to your needs.

A custom shade structure outdoors over a patio designed by Sierra Log & Timber

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A wooden shade structure at the back of a house next to a garden

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are drawn and engineered for your specific property location and the type of foundation you want to use.

Cedar is more resistant to insects, weather, and rot than pine, fir, or spruce material.

Yes, we will design whatever system you desire.

Possibly, it depends upon the location of the build and the builder’s schedule.

Yes, we will design and package whatever size or style of timber or log you desire, as long as they are sufficiently large to support the load requirements.

Yes, we have all the normal types of wood sidings and we also have access to steel siding, if you choose.

Yes, you can order the timber package without siding and use your own siding.

Yes, we can custom-draw and engineer the barn as a standalone set without having to purchase building materials.

Yes, we ship all over the United States.

Yes, we offer 3 surface types: rough sawn (standard), smooth (up-charge) & hand hewn (up-charge).

The suggested dimensions are based on the concept of how to design to minimize costs and simplify the build.  We can custom-design almost anything you might want.

Not a problem! That is why we engineer specifically to your build site so that it will withstand all of the forces nature throws at it.

We can make it very close to matching. If we are providing your log home materials, we make log siding that perfectly matches all 14 log profiles that we produce. If yours is a milled log home by another producer, we can come pretty close to matching.  We can even have special knives made for our equipment, if necessary. 

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