How Oregon Log Home Plans Change in the Country vs. the City

Log homes are becoming an increasingly popular option for new homeowners. The rustic charm and beauty strongly appeal for a cozy and warm living environment, no matter where you choose to build it. One of the most important decisions you will face when building a log home is building in the city or the country. Both options have advantages and disadvantages you will need to consider to fit the needs of your unique lifestyle. Here are the pros and cons of building with Oregon log home plans in the country or the city to help you make the best choice for yourself and your family.

Building Oregon Log Home Plans in the Country

The country offers several advantages with building Oregon log home plans for individuals who love nature and solitude. First, the environmentally friendly logs used in construction can provide energy efficiency to save money on monthly energy bills and cozy insulation to keep you warm during harsh Oregon winters and cool during hot summer days. Second, you can own a home that matches your surrounding environment and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Third, in the country, there is greater privacy from prying neighbors. Finally, a log home in the country can help you enjoy relaxing activities such as hiking and fishing that you cannot enjoy within the confines of a city.

Construction of Oregon log home plans in the country can present some challenges. Depending on the location, you may have more insect and rodent infestation issues. Woodpeckers, ants  and mice can damage lumber. You may have issues with the landscape when working with plumbing and electrical issues. Most  cabin locations are  too far to connect to sewer lines or water.  Some are so remote it is not feasible to bring power to the site or have reliableInternet. Off-grid might be the only power option. 

You may also spend more money for construction with land clearing excavation costs and transportation costs to the site.  Access to the site with building materials can be more difficult along windy, narrow or steep roads.  Be aware that long driveways are expensive to build and require ongoing maintenance.  In some areas, access in winter months might be challenging and expensive to keep the snow cleared.  Security and preventing vandalization can be an issue in some locations.  Active participation in the construction process can be a challenge if your building site is far from home. 

Building Oregon Log Home Plans in the City

Construction of Oregon log homes in the city can be advantageous for individuals who desire to be near work, grocery stores, friends and family. It can be more affordable to purchase land and more convenient with easier access to utilities. During the harsh winter months, you will not have to worry about being isolated and stuck with no access to emergency help by building a log home in the city. During construction, it can be easier to store building materials safely from the damages that critters and outdoor elements can cause. If you are building a second home, you can keep a closer eye on the construction process and meet with contractors to address any issues. 

You may face challenges with zoning restrictions and specific requirements with building permits. If dealing with a homeowner association, you may be required to design your log home to match the rest of the neighborhood. Since you live in the city, there will be more pressure to maintain your home in certain ways than if you lived in the country. If you want to sell your home in the future, you could be limited to buyers who don’t mind  the bustle of city life.

Expert Design Advice for Your Oregon Log Home Plans

Whether you build in the country or the city, your Oregon log home plans will give you a secure and comfortable place your family can enjoy for generations. Sierra Log & Timber can help you with any design challenges you face with the help of professional designers with years of experience. The Sierra Log & Timber team has helped numerous clients across the United States build a customized dream home. Schedule a design consultation to discuss your Oregon log home plans today.

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