Larry’s Top 3 Log Cabin Floor Plans

With so many options for log cabin floor plans, how do you create the perfect one? For almost 30 years, Larry Trimboli with Sierra Log & Timber has been designing, manufacturing, and packaging log and timber homes and structures throughout the United States. With that experience, the process has been condensed into (4) primary steps: log style choice, design, plans & engineering, and commissioning the building materials package. 

Design is the most critical of the steps… this is where it all gets real… and is where Sierra Log & Timber shows off with almost 30 years of experience guiding you into fulfilling your dream project. Whether it be a home, barn, or shade structure…you get the full attention to make it be all that you want it to be. 

Every design is created with 3D photorealism with your style choice. The goal is to make the flow and beauty that exactly fits your vision and lifestyle needs. Every client who works with Sierra Log & Timber receives a “whatever it takes” attitude towards 3D & 2D images and illustrations to make sure their style choice is right and that your dream log home is captured. 

Creating your perfect log cabin floor plan can be a daunting task. Options include log shape, corner option, log connection, and surface texture. Let Sierra Log & Timber help you explore each option’s features and benefits to make the right choices for you. 

How do you cull through all the log cabin floor plans and choose one? There are thousands of log cabin floor plans to choose from, so Larry decided to make it easy for you by telling you about three specially selected log home floor plans. But remember, and most importantly, Sierra Log & Timber custom designs your log home for you!

Here are Larry’s Top 3 Log Cabin Floor Plans:

The first is a simple single-level economical home design that features two master bedrooms and substantial glass, making it quite suitable for a property with a view. An example of this model is the Grizzly 3 from Sierra Log & Timber’s Log Cabin Floor Plans book. This model features two bedrooms, a great room, a country kitchen, and a covered porch so you can enjoy the outdoors and your view even in inclement weather.

log cabin floor plans

The 2nd design pick is an excellent 3-box design that provides separation between the master bedroom and the other two bedrooms. It also includes a tremendous glass wall for taking in your property’s views and lovely covered porches to enjoy the outdoors in inclement weather.

log home plans

The third pick is an excellent design for locations with heavy snowfall. The single-pitch roof and side porches launch the snow far from the house, so there are no concerns, even for vacation properties that are not constantly monitored. The 3/4 loft provides overflow space to accommodate ample sleeping space for occasional family gatherings. The balcony is an added bonus to this log cabin floor plan. 

While all of their log cabin floor plans are custom designed, you have the option of beginning with a design on the Sierra Log & Timber website, where you will also find a design section that showcases a small portion of what they can do for you. You can also scroll to the bottom of any page on the website and request a copy of the log cabin floor plans custom book. 

There are 44 pages of beautiful floor plans to get a starting point for your vision. If you would like to speak with them, they would love to set up an appointment with you. Fill out their contact form and they will get back to you to help make your vision a reality! Sierra Log & Timber has assembled an extensive home design database in both log and conventional homes to help you find either the right floor plan to purchase or jump-start the process of custom designing your dream home.


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