Essentially, surveying means measuring and mapping a piece of land, including elevations, angles, boundaries, and features. Land surveyors use sophisticated equipment to capture high-quality images for supporting their reports. But why are these surveys necessary, and what do they have to do with building a log home? Below, Sierra Log & Timber explains the benefits of surveys, the different types, and more.  

Benefits of Land Surveys

Let’s start with some of the primary advantages of surveys to home buyers:

  • Surveys can ensure that your parcel of land does not infringe on a neighboring property. 
  • Getting a survey will allow your lender to confirm the legal description of your property.
  • It will also alert you of any easements or hazard areas that could influence your construction.

Types of Land Surveys

There are many different types of surveys performed, but here are some of the most common in the home construction process:

  • Mortgage lenders, banks, and companies typically request mortgage surveys (title surveys) to locate every property detail and confirm local building codes and zoning laws. 
  • Site planning surveys are conducted to map out boundaries and topography before construction begins. 

Surveyors perform boundary surveys to comply with state laws and confirm a property’s boundary lines and corners.

When to Get a Land Survey

Typically, you should get a land survey before constructing a new home. 

  • A survey will map out the precise boundaries of your property, as well as the potential restrictions. 
  • The information from your survey can provide you with valuable information to use in negotiations
  • It’s best to have a survey completed immediately following your initial offer so that you can save time in a competitive market. 


While land surveyors perform many different types of surveys, the ones described above are the most commonly seen by people building homes. If you’re planning to construct a log home, you will need to understand the general purposes of land surveys. Consider the information above, and keep learning about what you should expect in the months ahead!

Sierra Log & Timber can help you with any design challenges you face with the help of professional designers with years of experience. The Sierra Log & Timber team has helped numerous clients across the United States build a customized dream home. 

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