California Log Cabin Kits: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

If you have ever dreamed of owning a cozy log cabin tucked away in the majestic California mountains or nestled in a verdant valley, you’ll be pleased to learn that log cabin kits make achieving this goal easier than ever. But with so many log home builders and cabin kit companies to pick from, how do you choose? This guide breaks down many things you need to know before investing in California log cabin kits, from deciding on floor plans to picking reputable builders and log suppliers like Sierra Log and Timber.

Cabin Kits California—What Materials Should You Purchase?

Cabin kits can contain a variety of building materials.  Some suppliers include all the lumber, windows, doors, and hardware needed to assemble the superstructure of the home, ie. log walls, roof system, floor systems, interior walls, decks, porches, garage, etc.  This option might not be the most cost-effective source of building materials.  As a rule, the more middlemen in the materials supply chain the higher the cost to the end user.

Consider a log home kit supplier like Sierra Log & Timber that operates on the philosophy of how to assist the homeowner in securing materials at the lowest cost, even if it is from a different supplier.  Purchasing as close to the factory as possible is typically the lowest-cost option.

Sierra Log & Timber is the premier cedar log home kit factory.  There are other building materials that are typically not made of cedar or wood produced by whoever the log home kit supplier is, no matter what log species they produce.  Therefore, purchasing other materials through them as the middleman might result in higher log home construction costs. Give careful consideration as to whether the other materials should be purchased from the log home kit supplier or from an alternate source to help minimize the construction cost of your log home.   

What Style of Home Do You Want?

An important decision you’ll need to make is cabin style, such as western, ranch, A-frame alpine, chalet, or even modern. You’ll also need to decide the layout size and number of rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Most kit manufacturers offer customized floor plans or can modify an existing design to suit your needs. Have property picked out? Consider the terrain carefully when deciding on one versus two-story cabins.

California Log Home Builders—Finding Quality Constructors

Investing in a log cabin kit is only half the battle—you also need an experienced builder to assemble your dream cabin properly. Always hire licensed professionals who specialize in log home construction versus standard frame housing. This ensures they have expertise working with hand-scribed or milled logs. 

California builders such as those with experience building with materials provided by  Sierra Log and Timber have decades of knowledge crafting stunning log cabins from kits sourced from top manufacturers. Make sure any builder or contractor you hire is bonded and insured.

Budget Considerations for California Log Cabin Kits

30+ years of experience assisting clients budget the anticipated cost of building their log cabin or log home before they start. You can find California log cabin kits to meet almost any budget. The cost of the kit is largely dictated by the size of the home as well as the size and shape of the logs being used.  

Understand that although the log home kit is the most substantial amount of building materials for the log home, it is typically less than 25% of the total cost of building the home or cabin. Don’t be fooled by the low cost of a California log cabin kit.  Many include materials that are not approved for building in certain locations.  Check references for the reputation of the log cabin kit supplier for providing quality products and services after the sale.   

Choosing Durable, Quality Log Cabin Materials

Most log homes in the US are built using pine.  The second most popular choice is Douglas Fir.  Although these wood species are durable in some environments, any parts that are exposed to the elements often deteriorate prematurely, especially log railing.  

The use of cedar significantly extends the longevity of the wood due to its natural resistance to rot and decay.  To achieve the longest life with the least maintenance, consider using a wood species that is naturally resistant to decay. Companies like Sierra Log and Timber only use top-tier materials in their custom cabin kits.

Log Cabins—The Key to the California Lifestyle

Not only do log cabins mean achieving your dream of a more tranquil lifestyle amid California’s stunning nature, but they are also wise investments. Quality log cabin kits and construction from reputable builders result in homes that stand the test of time, providing comfort, craftsmanship, and beauty for generations. And there is nothing quite like the warm, welcoming embrace of a log cabin handcrafted just for you when you come home after a long day out enjoying everything this golden state has to offer.


From helping navigate log cabin floor plans to construction considerations, experienced California log cabin kit suppliers like Sierra Log and Timber. In addition to our custom California log cabin kits, Sierra Log and Timber is the number one source for incense cedar products in the US. They can turn your vision into reality. Reach out today to Sierra Log and Timber for a complimentary consultation and start your journey towards the perfect log cabin retreat!

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We offer a variety of custom log cabin kits in California ranging from rustic ranch style to modern alpine designs. We use only top-quality wood species and precision corner joinery for maximum durability.

The short answer is that it takes roughly the same time as building any other custom-built home. Build times vary depending on cabin size, complexity, climate, topography, time of year, size of the crew, and many other factors.

We are the log home kit manufacturers. Your builder will do the construction.  If you don’t have a builder we will assist you with finding one.  We have 30+ years of contacts to assist you.  If you want to build your home with your crew, we will assist you by spending personal time at your building site to help you get started correctly.

Sierra Log and Timber is the premier red cedar producer as well as the leading barn producer using red cedar materials packages. They provide affordable yet customizable California Log Cabin Kits.

Over our 30+ years of experience, we have made several connections with a variety of lenders to help fund the build of your log cabin kit. Contact us to explore financing options for California log homes.

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