What Are the Advantages of Building a Log Home?

Log homes are becoming a popular choice for many new homeowners for a variety of reasons. A log home offers a place of solitude in a serene environment to escape the chaos of everyday life. These log homes also provide numerous advantages you may not get with  a traditional home. Here are the top advantages of building a log home over  a conventional home.

Environmentally Friendly

Log homes deplete fewer natural resources than conventional homes. What are the advantages of building a log home through Sierra Log & Timber? When using Sierra Log & Timber the logs are locally sourced from trees that can be re-planted and regrown. Using this wood can reduce carbon emissions. Other building materials may require significant processing, which can be harmful to the environment. The amount of production energy it takes to harvest wood is significantly less than used to manufacture building materials. A substantial amount of the logs used by Sierra Log & Timber are salvaged from the wildfires of Oregon & California.

Energy Efficiency

Are there any energy efficiency advantages of building a log home? Yes there are. Building a log home can save you up to 20% more on your energy bills than owning a conventional home. In addition, the wall thickness from the logs creates year-round comfort. The timber can provide warmth in the winter and keep you cool during the summer months. During the day, the wood absorbs the sun’s heat and releases it at night. Because of this slow transfer, you may not need to run your furnace or air conditioning nearly as often as you would with a conventional home. 

Careful design is necessary to achieve maximum energy efficiency when building a log home.  Consideration should be given to the amount and angle of sun exposure when designing the home.  Utilizing appropriate length of eves and the correct location of porches can optimize energy efficiency by optimizing the correct amount of solar gain based on the weather conditions at the building site.

Fun to Build

A larger percentage of log home owners choose to be extensively involved in the construction of their log home.  Assembling the logs is often noted as being the owner’s favorite part of the build.  The wood interior of the home provides a vast opportunity to use your imagination when completing the interior finish.  Including rock and other natural material looks amazing in log homes and is fun to integrate as the interior touches are added.

Integrate Naturally into the Surrounding Landscape

A log home integrates naturally into the surrounding landscape which is one of the many advantages of building a log home. Not only will it contribute to a beautiful view, but it will also help preserve the natural habitat. If you want a charming home in a stunning landscape, a log home is an ideal choice.

Peace and Quiet

One of the biggest advantages of building a log home over a conventional home is its peace and quiet. Log walls provide a sound deadening effect to block outside noise. This effect comes from the large mass of logs and the tiny air spaces trapped within the logs, which provides greater peace and quiet than drywall or plaster. 

Withstand Strong Storms

Log homes can withstand severe storms and harsh weather conditions with minimal damage. Interlocking logs can help make your home weatherproof against the cold snow, rain, tornadoes and hurricanes. Conventional homes feature wood structure every 16 inches with the remainder of the wall being hollow which  can weaken under intense pressure. Log walls, on the other hand, are made of solid wood with no air space in the walls.

Make Building a Log Home Simple with Sierra Log & Timber

Building a log home can be more beneficial to you than a conventional home. There are many styles and designs to choose from to complement any lifestyle, or you can create your own. If log home living interests you, Sierra Log & Timber can provide expert design advice and resources. Advantages of building the log home or cabin of your dreams far outweigh any negatives you may perceive if done with the right company. Call to learn more about pre-made and customized design plans for building your  log home today.

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