Now's the Time to Splurge on Your Dream Log Home

If you’re tired of hearing about housing shortages and a rollercoaster real estate market, you may be putting off a move just to avoid the mess. While this can be –and will likely continue to be for some time – a scary moment to buy, it can be the perfect time to build your dream log home.

Why the Real Estate Market Might Make Your Dream Log Home a Reality

Life changes and households evolve. It’s highly unlikely you’ll spend the entirety of your adult life in the same home. At the same time, a roiling real estate market can be unpredictable for years; who has time to wait for things to cool off if your ideal time to move into a new home was last week?

Despite interest rate increases, most areas of the country are still deep in a seller’s market. This is a great time to cash out any equity in your existing home, but those funds just don’t always go far enough toward purchasing a new one. So even with cash in your pocket from a bidding war from the sale of your home, you could find yourself struggling to find anything suitable on the open market. 

This is where building becomes more than a fantasy, but the most practical approach. Suddenly, your dream log home could be the most financially sound investment you could make!

Skipping Inventory Problems by Building Your Own Dream Log Home

While everyone else is bidding above their budget for houses they don’t truly love in a desperate attempt to secure anything in today’s market, a new build can give you exactly what you want. Need custom spaces tailored to the unique needs of your household? Building puts that power in your hands, especially when you work with highly qualified professionals trained to help you navigate the process. 

Is Building a Dream Log Home Worth the Hassle?

The answer to this question is highly subjective, but on a basic level, building your actual dream log home could very easily be less stressful and less expensive than buying pre-built. This is especially true if you end up near the top of your budget and still need to complete a studs-out renovation to make a home livable after purchase. 

No matter how much floorplans and layouts may make it seem so, there is also no one-size-fits-all floor plan. Families grow and change, and so do their needs outside of their homes. Building a plan you chose in an area you selected means you’re able to plan for more of those changes ahead of time. Together with a quality builder, you can proactively prepare for the changes of the future while enjoying every moment of the present in your brand new, dream log home. 

Buying a home means you are forever constrained by existing parameters and locations. You can’t move your house or bend one that just isn’t suited to your lifestyle into shape. Instead, building your own dream log home by working alongside seasoned, knowledgeable pros capable of helping you navigate the process easily can be incredibly rewarding. You get the luxury, comfort, and satisfaction of living in a dream home created expressly for your family; you also get the satisfaction of making it happen yourself.

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