South Lake Tahoe, CA

1715 Square Feet
5 Bed 2 Bath

Log Cabin Home Getaway, South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Log Cabin Home Getaway

This South Lake Tahoe log cabin home features a unique design consisting of two floors without an open-to-below area. This is an excellent way to maximize living space in a confined building area. This log home’s design is ideal for accommodating a large number of family members at the lake. The main level of this 1715 square foot home features one bedroom and a bathroom with 4 additional bedrooms and a bath on the second floor. Enjoy plenty of entertaining space for guests and enjoying the spectacular views.

The biggest challenge with building this log home on South Lake Tahoe is compliance with additional costs and an abundance of TRPA regulations. The owner, Alex, is currently acting as his own general contractor while participating in the log assembly through dry-in full time. When he is finished with the dry-in, Alex plans to coordinate the trades required to complete the finish.