Oakley, UT

Main floor livable rea – 1700
Loft livable area – 1003
Basement – 1532 plus a large area for drinking water and fire suppression water tanks
Decks and porches – 722
2-car garage 24’x 30’ with storage space above
6”x10” hand-hewn timber log

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Log Home Rebuild: Summerville OR

This site in Summerville OR, once featured a log home that has since been removed. The pictures below show the before and after progress. Replacing the old structure will be a gorgeous 4,500 square foot log home built with 12” round hand-peeled logs. An additional full-height crawl space will be installed into the living space. The results will give new owners an amazing dream home to enjoy for years to come.

The biggest challenge with this project for the Sierra Log & Timber team is the snowy weather in Summerville OR. Although the first load of logs is in the barn, it is difficult to store them safe from moisture damage. The team will assess the expected snowfall after Christmas. This will determine whether snowdrifts will prevent progress on the log assembly next week. Check back for future updates on the project.

Summerville OR Customized Log Home Rebuild Designs

Do you have a log home that needs a rebuild in Summerville OR? The experienced professionals at Sierra Log & Timber have over 25 years of experience building customized log homes for individuals all over the United States. Create your own log home rebuild design or choose a pre-designed plan to fit your unique needs. Schedule a design consultation today!