1082 Square Feet
6×10 Hand-Hewn Timber-Style Logs

structure log home

Cozy Log Cabin Chalet Home

This 1082 square foot log cabin chalet in North Fork is built with hand-hewn timber-style logs. The sturdy walls help to minimize monthly energy costs and provide warmth to the overall design. Large windows help provide plenty of natural light from floor to ceiling. A wide-open plan makes this home ideal for entertaining guests or getting away from it all with the family. If you are looking for a cozy getaway, this North Fork log cabin chalet is an excellent choice to call home.

This beautiful log cabin home almost became a victim of devastating forest fires before construction had begun. This custom log cabin home’s uniform red cedar logs were rescued from a forest fire that burned the surrounding area last fall. The fire had reached the log cabin home’s foundation, filled with log units ready for assembly. Fortunately, the only loss was a wheelbarrow next to the foundation. 

Create Your Dream Log Cabin Home

Sierra Log & Timber specializes in beautifully crafted log cabin homes in North Fork and throughout the United States. Customers can choose from pre-made or customized design plans. Choose from a wide assortment of red cedar profiles to create your own style to fit your lifestyle. With over 30 years of achieving high-quality stellar results, you can have peace of mind knowing your building project is in the right hands. Contact Sierra Log & Timber for a design consultation to create your dream log cabin home today.

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