How to Choose the Correct Roof Structure for your Custom Log Home.

Every step of building a custom log home makes a difference in the outcome. Most decisions fill more than one box of the checklist of needs. For example, you need a roof to keep your custom log home dry and protected from the elements. However, you also need a roof to keep the logs that make up the house dry and protected. Here are some tips on choosing the correct roof structure for your custom log home.

Complexity- What Is Complexity Regarding Roofs?

There are three layers or categories of complexity when referring to roof construction. Simple, Intermediate and Complex. Several factors determine which category a roof falls under, including the number and severity of roof obstructions. This includes things like the pitch, how many joints, the number of chimneys and other features that increase the difficulty of the project.

A simple roof is one without pitch changes or valleys,with minimum obstructions like chimneys and a 6:12 or flatter  slope. An intermediate complexity roof is steeper than 6:12 which requires being tied-off when roofing, has at least one pitch change, at least one valley and includes a chimney or other obstructions.  A roof that would be considered complex would have a steep pitch to the slope, multiple obstructions like chimneys and skylights, multiple valleys  and  several levels to the roof.

The design you choose needs enough complexity to add the interest and function you desire and considers the build’s difficulty due to location, climate, materials, etc.

Cost Of the Roof

The cost of the roof will be determined by the complexity of the installation, the materials used and the location of your project. For example, materials can vary from wood shingles or shakes, tile, asphalt composition to a metal roof or even a thatched roof in some areas. 

The materials you choose will determine much of the cost. For example, asphalt shingles are the most common material for roofs and tend to be the least expensive. On the other hand, wood shingles and shakes are a beautiful choice and look terrific on a log cabin, but they cost more than asphalt and are more susceptible to fire. 

There are synthetic materials to mimic wood shakes or even slate roofs to give the aesthetic you want without the cost of natural products. However, many custom log home owners prefer to stick to natural ingredients, leaving out slate for most homes due to the weight and cost.

Metal roofs are often used for industrial buildings and are growing more popular for homes, especially in high fire danger and heavy snow load areas. Copper is a beautiful but costly metal roof choice.

Weather Conditions Matter When It Comes to Roof Choices

Your roof should be suited for the climate you live in. For example, asphalt roofs are an excellent choice for humid climates as they can hold humidity. However, they also draw heat, making them good in cold climates. However, concrete tiles and clay tiles might be your best option if you are in a hot, humid climate.

Metal roofs can work well in either hot or cold areas, as is slate and even rubber. 

Make sure your roof is designed in such a way that falling snow and ice does not come off the roof and cause bodily harm.

If you live in a cold but dry climate, you can’t beat wood shakes and shingles. They offer beauty, insulation and charm to your custom log home.

Appearance Of the Roof on Your Custom Log Home

While you are making all the practical choices for your roof, make sure to consider the appearance of your roof. What look does your custom log home need to complete it, so it meets the expectations of your dream? Consider the pitch (and snow removal), the number of peaks, sunroofs, chimneys or more you desire. Perhaps simple is your most pleasant option. 

While making sure your custom log home has all the amenities and safety features you want and need, at the end of the day, we all look forward to seeing our home at the end of a long day. Make sure the appearance of your custom log home warms your heart.

Sierra Log & Timber offers a variety of house plans and roof options to create your custom log home. With our custom log home plans, you are sure to find everything you need for your new custom log home. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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