What Materials Come with Cedar Log Home Kits?

Cedar log home kits are a great way to build a beautiful, sustainable, energy-efficient home. But what materials come with cedar log home kits, and how do you choose the suitable kit for your needs? With some research into the entire process, from first contact with a log home company to turning the key in your brand-new lock, you’ll be better equipped to make those decisions than you may have ever thought possible. 

Understanding the Cedar Log Home Kits Design Process 

Ultimately, the experience you have over the course of conceptualizing a home, purchasing land, building, and finishing will vary wildly, depending on your service provider. The materials that come with cedar log home kits will also vary, depending on your service provider and the specific kit you ultimately purchase. To understand what materials you should expect to see arriving with your home kit, you’ll need to understand a bit about the entire process, from plans to final delivery. 

Early in the process, sometimes before the floorplan itself is discussed, you often have an idea of the wall log or timber profile you prefer to see integrated into your home. Post and beam? Log or timber walls, or even timber siding? The exterior timber profile can send a big message about your personal style the moment people arrive in the driveway. 

Digging into the real meat and potatoes of the process, design can be the most exciting or excruciating aspect of the entire experience. This is the moment when everything becomes real, and the hard work of figuring out exactly what kind of design will suit your family’s needs now and in the future. This is also where working with full-service companies specializing in cedar cabin kits can make all the difference. 

Look for a kit builder that is open to tweaks and small changes and is excited to embrace a fully custom project. After all, a home is a big investment and where you will likely spend some of your most important moments in life. The opportunity to design one around your specific household shouldn’t be overlooked; it should be embraced!

The design process should include things like drawings and sketches but also professional 3-D renderings of your home as a pre-visualization of the home itself. 

Bringing Cedar Log Home Kits to Life

Once the design is finalized, then comes the work of building. It’s not just swinging hammers, either; you’ll need to obtain permits to build your cedar log home kit, which can be quite a bureaucratic nightmare in some places. Choose a cedar log home kits partner with engineers on staff who hold engineering stamps in the state you wish to build and can help you obtain those permits. 

Once the permits are in, it’s time to commission your log home kit package once and for all! The final step in the process is to purchase the building materials package that best suits your needs, which will then be shipped directly to your job site. 

To offer more flexibility for customers to purchase exactly what they want, some specialists offer more than one materials package from which to choose.

For example, customers can choose the Log or timber components only or a full package. 

  • Log or Timber Components Only Package – The bones of your new home! This can include walls, gables, posts and beams, siding, trim, hardware, railings, and stairs. This log package could also include decorative timbers, trusses, cedar wall paneling, mantles and many other options.
  • Full Package – Just about everything you need to turn your new cedar log home kit into your new cedar log home. This includes everything in the above package, with the addition of framing for walls, floors, roof, and decking. Still, because the process is custom, your individual kit could have any combination of materials included. 

Ready to get real answers about what to expect and how to get the ball rolling on comparing cedar log home kits for yourself? Sierra Log & Timber can help!

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