What Should You Include on Your Log Home Maintenance Checklist?

Do you have your log home maintenance checklist ready? Your dream log home was one of the biggest investments you have made. Regular maintenance will help protect your investment and prevent expensive damage to  your home. There are a few things you can do to make sure your home stays in optimal condition. Log homes require unique care compared to more traditional homes. Here are four items you should include on your log home maintenance checklist.

Schedule an Annual Maintenance Inspection

One of the most important items you should include on your log home maintenance checklist is to have an annual inspection done by a professional. This can help you save time and money on repairs before serious issues develop. A log home professional is trained to look for specific problems you may not be aware of or notice. By spotting and correcting problems early, you can save yourself from numerous headaches and unnecessary expenses in the future.

Protect Your Log Home Against Insects

Insects can cause significant harm to the structural integrity and stability of your log home. When going through your log home maintenance checklist, be sure to look for new small holes in the logs and evidence of sawdust that can be left behind by boring insects.. If detected, immediately take the corrective action as advised by a professional pest exterminator. There are several products you can use to help fight insect damage. Your local pest exterminator will be the best source for preventative and corrective action based on the type of insects in your area.  . 

When building your log home, you can use logs that are naturally insect repellant such as the cedar logs used by Sierra Log & Timber. To keep insects away, keep firewood, trees and shrubs at a distance from your log home. If you are currently experiencing an insect infestation, a log home professional can recommend the best treatment solutions depending on the bugs in your home.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and crevices are not only inviting to insects but can let in drafts and allow water damage. When water seeps in, mold and mildew can develop that can rot the wood. Remove any caulking that is peeling and replace damaged portions of logs or entire logs when necessary. Check for water stains and make sure gutters are operating correctly and are disposing of the water away from the building.   As part of your log home maintenance checklist, make sure to caulk crevices with an airtight seal.

Inspect Your Roof

A damaged roof can lead to numerous expensive repairs if left unchecked. You should plan to include having your roof inspected professionally at least once a year on your log home maintenance checklist.  Replace any broken or missing shingles and make any other necessary repairs.

Need Help with Your Log Home Maintenance Checklist?

Sierra Log and Timber makes sure your home is in optimal condition from the start. Sierra Log & Timber can help you with the best pre-made and customized designs for your dream home. Contact us today for a consultation.

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