Security Considerations from Your Large Log Home Builder

What comes to mind when you think of a log home? Some people’s initial mental image is of a small, quaint, cozy cabin with minimal luxury but a surplus of charm. For others, nothing will do but a large log home. A large log home builder specializes in log structures that are often sprawling, estate-style homes. High-end amenities and park-like views aren’t the only things you must consider when you’re building a home, though. Here’s what your large log home builder wishes you knew about security.

Large Log Home Builder Tips and Tricks for Protection

You trust a builder to oversee every aspect of your home’s construction because they are the expert, but their knowledge base isn’t exclusively limited to the construction process. Knowledgeable and experienced professionals are also ideally positioned to help you understand the nuts and bolts of security and safety, too. 

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that security doesn’t just mean keeping intruders out of your home, though that’s certainly a concern. It also means ensuring your home is a safe, nurturing, and comfortable environment in which to live.

  • Fire Safety – One of the most commonly sought-after features in a new home built by a large log home builder is a statement fireplace. Because of the fragrance and heat they generate, it’s not uncommon for these fireplaces to be of the wood-burning variety. Unfortunately, unlike gas logs which do not require chimney maintenance, wood-burning fireplaces coat the chimney with a highly flammable substance called creosote. Chimney fires can and do result from creosote that has been allowed to build up unchecked, and there aren’t many security risks as potentially devastating as a fire. Having your chimney routinely checked and cleaned is an easy way to give you peace of mind in this department.
  • Invest in Sensors and Detectors – Wood-burning fireplaces can increase your odds of a chimney fire, but that doesn’t mean investing in gas logs eliminates all security risks. Gas logs are a potential source of carbon monoxide, a silent and potentially deadly gas that can present an enormous safety risk to everyone in your home. Installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors is imperative, even if they’re not a code requirement in your area.
  • Power Access – Large log homes are often built in more remote locations so luxury homeowners can enjoy privacy and breathtaking views. What many don’t consider, however, is the fragility of the power grid in far-flung locations and how a power outage can be a security risk. Along with worries about food melting in the freezer or spoiling in the refrigerator, a long period without electricity means no internet access. If your home security system depends on Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection, it will not work during an extended outage. It’s a good idea to speak with your builder about generators and other backup power options to be well prepared. 
  • Lighting and Visibility – Have you ever stopped to look up at the sky on a clear night? Those jaw-dropping views are possible due to the lack of light pollution, which means darkness is so thick it feels like you could cut it with a knife on moonless nights. Large log home builders often recommend motion lights and other outdoor security lighting to beef up visibility and deter potential intruders. 

How an Expert Large Log Home Builder Can Help You Boost Security

There are dozens of reasons why it’s always best to work with a seasoned large log home builder, not least of which is their unique knowledge base regarding safety, security, and protecting your investment. However, the right plan and layout are key if you’re ready to trade the hustle and bustle of urban life for the space, freedom, and privacy of a large log home. Sierra Log & Timber can help you develop a floor plan that prioritizes the needs of your household, from space allocation to addressing security concerns. Learn more today to take the first step on what can be an infinitely rewarding journey in your very own large log home.

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