6 Benefits Of Owning An Oregon Log Home

Sierra Log & Timber is one of the premier Oregon log home companies on the west coast. They work across the country providing you with your log or timber home of your dreams. Since they have been designing log homes in Oregon and across the US for nearly 30 years, Sierra Log & Timber has a unique perspective on the benefits of owning a log home. 

Here are 6 benefits to owning an Oregon log home:

  1. Cedar Log homes are built to last. When you build a log home with Incense (red) Cedar logs, from the Sierra Mountain Range in Oregon and California, you are building with the highest quality product. Incense (red) Cedar (not to be confused with the aromatic cedars of the midwest) is a highly durable log able to withstand decay and weather. This species of wood for your log home is less susceptible to insect damage, fungi growth and is also more water damage resistant than pine, spruce, or fir. Your walls are permanent features of your home and should be constructed with the highest quality product. Thus, Incense (red) Cedar should be your choice of wood to build your heritage log home that will last for generations. 

  1. Log homes are more comfortable and energy-efficient than traditional homes. A log home is very comfortable because it is moderate in temperature variance similar to what you may have experienced in a basement. Log homes with solid wood wall construction (which have a tremendous amount of thermal mass) will help you stay cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. An Oregon log home can be subject to extreme weather differences ranging from very hot to very cold, very wet to very dry. When you design with Sierra Log & Timber, not only do you benefit from the highly efficient and comfortable solid log or timber walls, your custom log home will be comfortable and energy-efficient. 
  1. Sierra Log and Timber Homes are more structurally durable. Sierra Log & Timber is a California-based company which means your home is structurally designed to the highest level to withstand earthquakes, wind, and snow loads. Coupled with how a log wall is built, (a Sierra log home is glued, screwed, and dowelled) your log home is more likely to survive natural disasters with minimal damage and last for hundreds of years. 
  1. Sierra Log and Timber Homes give you unlimited design options. Your custom-designed Oregon log home is tailored to fit your lifestyle and how you live. The design of your custom log home can stem from one of the log home floor plans or from something you create from scratch. You can incorporate design concepts from a home you have lived in the past or something you have seen somewhere else. Let Sierra Log & Timber help you create the log or timber home of your dreams.
  1. Sierra Log and Timber Homes can fit into any location. With the option of 14 different log profiles and matching siding, your custom home can fit comfortably in virtually every location. From the mountains to the sea, from the most quaint cabin to the most luxurious spacious residence, your log or timber home will be the envy of the community. Your home design can be as rustic or contemporary as you desire. The only requirement is that you love it. 
  1. Oregon Log homes beautiful, cozy, and quiet. As an Oregon log home company, Sierra Log & Timber knows you want a home that you love. Your log home will remind you of a simpler time in life with all the modern conveniences you have grown accustomed to. Not only are logs very insulated to keep your home quiet but you can enjoy things like a modern kitchen with a dishwasher and central air conditioning while also enjoying the rustic look of your home. The natural beauty of a log home is unmatched and breathtaking.

As the premier Oregon log home designer on the west coast, Sierra Log & Timber strives to provide the best customer service around. There are three key areas the team focuses on to make your experience as positive and comfortable as possible: service, amazing product, and a price that fits your budget. Create an inviting space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our log and timber homes and our process please contact Sierra Log & Timber today!

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