Smart Customizations Can Make Your Oregon Log Cabin Your Perfect Get-away

Log cabins provide a tantalizing way to get away from the stress of everyday life. If you are planning to build a log cabin in Oregon, you can customize it to suit your preferences. Just because you live in a rustic home does not mean you must forgo modern conveniences. Classic log cabin fixtures can be mixed with high-tech upgrades to create the ultimate environment for relaxation. Here are smart customizations you can make to your Oregon log cabin to create your perfect get-away.

Smart Oregon Log Cabin Outlets

Installing smart outlets in your Oregon log cabin can offer convenient flexibility in creating your perfect get-away. You can use voice commands or your phone to turn lights on and off or control electronics and appliances. These devices can help you save money on your heating bills and offer peace of mind when you are away from your log cabin. No more having to worry about forgetting to unplug something while you take a hike in the woods or spend a day on the water.

Smart Energy Efficiency Options

Keeping your Oregon log cabin at the ideal temperature for your perfect get-away can be made simple with smart programmable thermostats. You can create specific heating and cooling schedules to fit your unique needs. Change the temperature with your voice or use your phone to automatically set your home to warm up shortly before you arrive after a long day. Third-party apps can trigger your heating and cooling system with weather forecasts, your geographical location while traveling and events on your digital calendar.

Smart Cooking in Your Oregon Log Cabin

When you are trying to get away from it all, the last thing you want to think about is everyday chores. Yet, the one place that everyone loves to hang out is the kitchen. Whether you are entertaining friends and family or trying to enjoy an intimate dinner by the fireplace, you may not want to spend hours working over a hot stove to make it happen. With modern advances, you can make your kitchen do most of the work for you. 

Many newer appliances for your Oregon log cabin are designed with smart technology features for the perfect get-away experience. You can use Wi-Fi connectivity to set, manage and monitor stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. There are also electronic smokers you can use outdoors with this technology. Prepare meals conveniently while exploring the great outdoors by checking on your appliances through your phone wherever you go.

Smart Security Customizations

Whether you enjoy your Oregon log cabin on a full or part-time basis, smart security technologies can keep your perfect get-away safe and secure. Remote security cameras with built-in motion detectors and infrared technology can help keep your valuables protected day or night. In addition, you can monitor movements from any location for peace of mind while you enjoy your dream paradise. 

Along with security cameras, you may also want to consider door locks equipped with smart technology. If you are a person that frequently loses your keys, these locks can be highly beneficial. You can lock and unlock your doors using a PIN code. These smart door locks can also be managed through your phone for locking and getting alerts when people enter or exit your cabin.

Your Perfect Get-away with Sierra Log & Timber Oregon Log Cabin Customizations

With smart customizations, you can build the perfect get-away to enjoy for years to come. There are numerous options you can choose from when creating your dream home. Sierra Log & Timber offers expert design advice to help you make your Oregon log cabin the perfect get-away. Professional designers can meet with you and discuss what options would work best for your lifestyle. Request an appointment for a design consultation today.

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