Tips to Consider Before Finalizing Your Oregon Log Cabin Plans

Are you thinking about building your own log cabin in Oregon? A great floor plan requires careful thought into how you want the flow and functionality to be throughout your dream home. You may have already fashioned a wish list of must-have essentials and things that would be nice to have someday. 

But before you make any final decisions, it is vital to ensure you have thought everything through. There may be things you may have missed that can affect the overall enjoyment of your new home. So, here are tips for you to consider before finalizing your Oregon log cabin plans.

Soak Up the Sunshine with South Facing Windows

If your Oregon log cabin plans include a south-facing home, soaking up the sunshine can provide a few advantages. First, you can save money on your monthly energy bills with passive solar heating. Windows facing the south absorb the sun’s warmth and distribute it throughout the inside of the cabin. This can save a substantial amount each year on heating bills  without the need for solar panels. You will also be able to enjoy dramatic views of your beautiful surroundings. 

Stock Up on Storage Space

Including ample storage space in your Oregon log cabin plans is crucial. Bedroom closets should have approximately seven feet of storage space for clothes and rarely used items. Another area where you may not want to skimp on interior space is the kitchen. A walk-in or floor-to-ceiling pantry can open more space for entertaining guests while maintaining all your cooking essentials. 

If your cabin plans have  a conventional trussed roof  system in a portion thereof, you may want to consider creating attic space using attic  trusses. The garage is another area where using attic trusses or a rafter roof system can provide  storage space for seasonal items, outdoor tools and supplies. For your laundry room, you can add overhead storage and functional cabinets for extra clothes, shoes, linens, and household supplies.

Enhance Exterior Space and Appeal with Enclosed Porches

Enclosed porches in your Oregon log cabin plans help create a fantastic, sheltered space to enjoy the scenic outdoors with every weather condition. By building these structures, you can extend living space by hundreds of feet more affordably than adding an interior room extension. In addition, screened windows can keep bugs away while entertaining guests with food and drinks. When designing the space, consider installing a hybrid option where you can swap glass panels with screens so you can deal with temperature fluctuations as seasons change.

Consider Future Needs with Your Oregon Log Cabin Plans

It is important to consider your future needs before finalizing your Oregon log cabin plans. Your needs will evolve as you get older. Consider how you will be able to move around the cabin when you reach retirement age. Have you planned for living and sleep space when stairs may become a challenge? You may want to consider the addition of an elevator or a first-floor master suite.  

If you have young children sharing bedroom space, will your space be ready to embrace their privacy needs as teenagers? Many parents desire to build play areas for young children, but how will those spaces be used 10-20 years from now? By considering how your needs will evolve, you can maximize the most of your space.

Oregon Log Cabin Plans Experts

When finalizing your Oregon log cabin plans, it can be helpful to get professional advice and support. With over 30  years of experience, Sierra Log & Timber are experts in creating Oregon log cabin plans. You can consult with the design team for a customized look or choose a pre-designed plan to fit your lifestyle. Schedule a design consultation today.

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