Should Your Log Home Floor Plans Be for a Primary or Secondary Home?

Designing and building a log home can feel overwhelming with all the decisions you need to make. One of the most important decisions is expanding with a second home or upgrading your existing space. Here are many things  you need to know to make an informed decision about log home floor plans for a primary or secondary home.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Homes

Before you decide on log home floor plans, it is important to understand the difference between the purpose of a primary versus a secondary home. A primary log home is where you plan to spend most of the year. A secondary home is located farther away from your primary home and is typically used as a vacation getaway or during certain seasons. Since you will spend more time at your primary home, you will want to consider what you desire with your log home floor plans to ensure it fits your daily lifestyle.

Advantages and Disadvantages for a Primary or Secondary Home

When thinking about log home floor plans for a primary or secondary home, there can be certain advantages and disadvantages regarding which option you choose. You will acquire more expenses with an additional mortgage, property taxes and maintenance expenses if you choose to build a secondary home. You will also need to ensure that someone can regularly check the property while you are away or deal with necessary repairs. With a primary home, maintenance costs are easier to manage, and you can save yourself time and stress dealing with managing two properties. 

If you plan to build the home yourself, you may want to consider the overall construction process and availability for involvement. You will need to be available during the construction to oversee the process and adjust your log home floor plans. If you have children in school or a job that requires a large chunk of your time, you may not want to consider building a secondary home. If the desired location for your secondary home is a great distance from your primary residence, being involved in the construction of your secondary home is more challenging.

Factors to Consider with Log Home Floor Plans

Your budget can be a significant factor when deciding to build a primary or secondary home. Are you looking to start a family or want a place for the family to enjoy temporarily? If you are looking to upgrade your existing living space, you may want to focus on design plans for a primary home. If you are already well established and enjoy where you live, you may want to expand living options in another location. You may also want to consider if you would like a second home to be your primary home in the future.

Not all log home plans are able to suit your lifestyle. Consider multiple plans and the layouts of each one. Pay attention to the space available for each room. If you are only there temporarily, you may be more comfortable with smaller spaces in a secondary home than you would for a primary one. Some floor plans feature open floor designs, while others define separate individual rooms to provide more privacy.

Expert Design Advice for Log Home Floor Plans

The decision on whether your log home floor plans should be for a primary or secondary home is up to you. Many plans can work well for both types of homes. Design professionals at Sierra Log & Timber can help you select a customized plan to suit your lifestyle needs. For over 30 years, Sierra Log & Timber has helped numerous customers plan and build the homes of their dreams. Request a consultation to discuss your log home floor plans today.

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