Incorporating a Home Office in Your New Log or Timber Frame Home

If you work from home, carving out a private space for yourself is essential to be productive. If you want to create a place where you can work in peace away from family life distractions, there are a few factors you will need to consider to design the best floor plan for your needs. Here are the best tips for incorporating a home office in your new log or timber frame home.

Access to Your New Log or Timber Frame Home Office

One of the most important considerations for incorporating an office in your new log or timber frame home is access to the space. Will other family members use the space when you are not working? If you have clients you need to meet face-to-face, you may not want these individuals walking through your home to get to your office. When building your home from scratch, make sure to have a space available on the ground floor next to exterior doors.

You may want to carve out space in a loft or basement if you need a secluded area to work peacefully without distraction in your log or timber frame home.

A loft can give more sunlight and create a beautiful view of the rest of your home while keeping an eye on your family. If you do not have visiting clients, a corner space in the basement can provide rest and solitude to concentrate on the work tasks.

Layout Design of Your Log or Timber Frame Home Office

Once you have decided where your home office will be in your log or timber frame home, you may want to consider the overall layout. Where the doors and windows are placed will significantly affect the other design elements in the workspace. You may also want to consider the amount of surface space with cabinets and countertops. Elements like recessed bookshelves and window bench seats for clients can open up more space in the room.

Lighting Your Home Office

A well-lit home office is crucial for productivity in your log or timber frame home. Instead of relying on artificial lighting, you can customize the space to incorporate natural lighting. Design your home office next to an exterior wall with large windows to let in sunlight and give you a beautiful view of your property. Position your desk facing away from the windows to prevent glares on your computer screen that can cause eye strain. If you need help choosing the right lighting for your workspace, a Sierra Log & Timber design consultant can provide recommendations for your unique needs.

Incorporating Technology in Your Home Office

In order to be productive in your workspace in your log or timber frame home, you need access to technology. Is your home Wi-Fi strong enough for the space, or will you need to run ethernet cables? You may also consider elements like TV hookup and a dedicated phone line. This information can be important during the design phase. You will need enough outlets and spaces to run cables underneath the flooring to prevent tripping hazards or fire safety issues. You may want to speak to a professional design consultant to ensure your technology needs are fully met in your new office space.

Professional New Log or Timber Home Design Consultations

Sierra Log & Timber provides professional design consultations to help you incorporate a home office in your new log or timber frame home. Numerous floor plan options are available to customize your workspace, or you can choose a pre-designed plan to fit your needs. Design consultants can advise you on every aspect of your new home office so you can make the most of your workday. Schedule an appointment for a design consultation today.

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