Must-Have Tips for Building a Washington Log Home on the Water

Washington State is an outdoor lover’s paradise, and there’s no better way to enjoy all the beauty it has to offer than by building a Washington log home on the water. With nearly 8,000 lakes in the state, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to call home.

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil spot to relax or a place to enjoy all your favorite activities, Washington has something for everyone. And what could be better than waking up each morning to stunning views of the water?

3 Must-Have Tips for Building a Washington Log Home on the Water


1. Make Sure your Washington Log Home is Built to Withstand the Elements

The state is known for its rainy winters and hot summers, so your home needs to be able to withstand high winds and heavy rains. It’s also important to choose materials that won’t rot or grow mildew, as mold can be a serious problem for Washington log homes. Here are a few things to keep in mind when building your log home:

  • Use rot-resistant lumber: red cedar is a good option
  • Make sure your logs are properly treated with a weather-resistant finish, which will help protect them from moisture and insects
  • Install gutters and downspouts to redirect rainwater away from your foundation
  • Slope your landscaping so that water drains away from your Washington log home
  • Vegetation should be kept away from the house, as it can trap moisture along the log walls
  • When rainwater falls off the roof, make sure that it doesn’t splash against the log walls when it hits the ground, decking, or anything else.
  • Keep lights, door knobs, etc., corrosion-free by using salt-water-resistant exterior fixtures.


By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your Washington log home will be able to withstand the elements for years to come.



2. Consider How You’re Going to Use Your Washington Log Home

Are you looking for a peaceful retreat where you can relax and enjoy the sound of the waves? Or are you looking for a more active lifestyle and want to take advantage of all the state has to offer, including its many hiking trails and fishing spots? Whatever your plans are, make sure your log home reflects them. It’s important to keep these things in mind when choosing your Washington log home floorplan, as well as figuring out what your budget is!


3. Have Fun!

Building a log home should be an exciting experience, so make sure you enjoy every step of the process. Work with an experienced builder who can help you bring your vision to life, and don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch to make your Washington log home truly unique. 

With these three tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to building your very own Washington log home on the water!

If you’re in the market for a Washington log home, be sure to contact one of our builders. They will work with you to create your dream home from scratch or help you choose from our log home floor plans. We can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your perfect log home

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